Investment Options


Our fund is based on a simple idea: we do better investing in venture capital as a group than we can alone.  We are proud to provide a simple and smart way to add venture capital to your personal portfolio. Over the past 50 years, venture capital has consistently outperformed other public equities.

We have two Options  to invest:

Option 1 — Annual Funds

Annual Funds, our most popular offering, is a straightforward investment option.  Each of our professionally managed Annual Funds consists of 15 - 25 top venture-backed businesses. Generally, these investments are not available to individual investors. We only co-invest with top-tier lead investors. Portfolios that are diversified across stage, industry, and geography are considered for collaborative investments. Maja Equity conducts independent due diligence and our Committee (consisting of team members with strong investing backgrounds) assists in the portfolio creation and deal evaluation.

A single K-1 is given to investors for each fund. This will be delivered with statements in late February. Co-Investment Program offerings will be open to Annual Fund investors before others in our investor community. Investors have access to individual portfolio information and documents through a secure, online portal which is accessible 24/7.

Invitations to participate in Maja Equity ventures will become available in Q4 2018. There is a maximum of $1M and a minimum of $50,000 for these ventures.

Option 2 — Co-Investment Program

The Co-Investment Program provides an excellent opportunity for accredited newcomers to start to participate in venture capital with Maja Equity. Although only 15-20% of Annual Fund deals are available through this program, the barrier to entry is quite low, generally just $50,000. These opportunities are also available to accredited investors through our sibling funds. Often Co-Investment Program offerings are available to Annual Fund investors before others in the community.

Questions About Our Investment Options?

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All investors must be accredited or qualified.
Read the official SEC guidelines for accredited investors to get more information.
For more investors information, read the official guidelines for qualified investors.